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#100 series by ANDY AWESOME #100系列,作者: ANDY AWESOME

The #100 series consis ts of 100 digital artworks by Andy Awesome from Series Nº1 and Nº2.

#100 系列包括安迪-阿沃esome 从 Nº1 和 Nº2 系列中创作的 100 件数字艺术作品。

#100 NFT series

Example artworks from the Series 01.系列作品01的例子。





Sanrios 50th anniversary celebration in Miami during Art Basel

I was very honored to participate in the Sanrio / Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Exhibition with artists such as Anthony Lister, Shepard Fairey, POSE and CRASH in Miami during ArtBasel 🥳🙏🏻

Sanrio characters are registered trademarks of Sanrio Co., Ltd.

"Release day" acrylic paint on canvas 画布上的丙烯颜料 1 x [200cm x 120cm (80" x 50")]

Andy Awesome takeover Time Square

My favorite piece of art (Series Nº1 ID 02) shines over one of my absolute fave cities. I lived and worked in New York for a long time before I started doing art and never dreamed that one of my artworks would be displayed in Times Square. It was definitely one of the best weekends of my life.

我最喜欢的艺术作品(Nº1 ID 02系列)闪耀在我绝对喜欢的城市之一。在我开始做艺术之前,我在纽约生活和工作了很长时间,从未梦想过我的一件作品会在时代广场展出。这绝对是我一生中最好的周末之一。

Geek Art by Thomas Olivri

I was very pleased that Thomas included me in his book with many other artists 🙃🙏🏻


I created a series of 10 different porcelain Christmas plates. 我创作了一系列10个不同的瓷质圣诞盘。

I actually just wanted to design a romper for my godchild and then had so much fun with TeddyToast® that I created my own brand and designed some more products.

实际上,我只是想为我的教子设计一件连衣裙,然后在TeddyToast® 上玩得很开心,于是我创建了自己的品牌并设计了一些产品。

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